“The Church of Jesus Christ at Frankfort, Kentucky, was constituted on the Lord’s Day, December 2, 1832, in the Old Court House.  Present were Elders John T. Johnson and Philip S. Fall.

The following persons agreed to unite themselves together, viz. –Philip S. Fall, Nancy Fall, Ambrose Dudley, Eliza Dudley, Elias B. Myers, Elizabeth Bacon, O.L. Leonard.  They agreed to take the Holy Bible, and it alone, as their rule of life.

Elder Philip S. Fall was chosen by the congregation then formed, as it’s President and Teacher, and accepted by him.  Mary Myers was baptized by Brother Fall on the same day and admitted into the Congregation.”

So reads a history of First Christian Church, written by Mrs. M.C. Darnell in 1957, on the 125th Anniversary of the church on the corner of Ann Street and Broadway.

First Christian Church continues to be a thriving congregation in the middle of downtown Frankfort.  The church building has undergone many additions,  but the historic sanctuary is still the heart of this community of faith.

The Chenault Christian Life Center (CCLC) was completed in 1998  to be used by the New Horizons Child Development Center,  the congregation, and many visiting groups. The CCLC is named in honor of beloved pastor, Dr. John Chenault and his wife Mary Elizabeth Chenault.

John and Mary Elizabeth Chenault

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