The 10:45 AM Sanctuary Worship Service is televised on Cable 10 which is the local Frankfort station.  Gary Grider has been working with this ministry for many years and we are so very thankful to have his talents and his willingness to be “behind the scenes” all the time (including holidays and special events).

But it takes more than one person to make it happen and we have several members that are behind the cameras, sound and lighting.

Does this sound like a ministry that you would like to learn about or help with?  Contact the church office, 223-2346, and we’ll hook you up!


Gary Grider (top left), Larry Ellis (top right) and Larry Cox (bottom left)
keep the cameras rolling on Sunday mornings!

TV Crew

Carla West takes care of the sound.  Other sound technicians include
Bill Barnes, Michael Stewart, Tenny Hogan and Mark Vaughn.
Carla West